CEO's Message

Have been supplying the electromichanical field for over decade, I always dreamed of being able to manufacturer what I am currently selling.

I often thought that one had to either be a trader or a manufacturer, but could never be both, I am here today to prove myself wrong. 

Surrounded by a team of plastic experts (as I would like to call them), possessing more than 30 years of combined experience in plastics; investing in top notch technology, and sourcing superior raw materials from the world’s best manufacturers; I formulated our strong  trio, determined to deliver nothing less than world class quality to our valuable customers.

Quantum Industries started out with a few  scribbles on a piece of paper, and as a result of the cross-pollination of theory , best practice and experience, coupled with a clear vision , today stretches across 45,000 Sq.Mtr., striving for global excellence , armed with the diligent work every member of the Quantum team is putting in, associating its name with leaders of the industry, aspiring not only to raise the bar, but to set the standard for others.


Best Regards,

Jawad Khawaja