Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We aspire to position ourselves among the top PPR pipe manufacturers regionally while committing to make Q-therm a synonym to quality, safety and reliability.

Our Mission

Success is not accidental, we believe it’s a journey of progressive pursuit of excellence in all what we do, having this mantra in mind, our destination is clear, and the compass guiding us will never lead us astray because:

  • Our quality pledge, to ourselves before others, mandates our commitment to international norms and standards, and to consistently surpass the expectations while delivering our products and services to the world.
  • Our customers, are our associates and partners, they are the capital we strive to thrive, we will be always the next-door neighbor for them, venturing with them by all our expertise and resources, trying to be the reliable constant in their world of variables.
  • Our society is in the core of our concerns, with our relentless attempt to participate in sharing the social responsibility with others, we create opportunities for training, qualifying, employing and even partnering with individual or societal organizations, in an approach to secure the future for all.